SISRM: Making Research-Engagement a Core Part of the Undergraduate Experience at UChicago

The Summer Institute in Social Research Methods provides undergraduates with an immersive summer experience through a combination of classroom instruction, skills-building workshops, and hands-on research experience. Students who participate in the program receive 5 weeks of accelerated training in theoretically-grounded research methodologies, and 5 weeks of mentored research experience working on a faculty project at UChicago.

Students will finish the program well-positioned for future internship and research assistantship opportunities within graduate education and/or positions in the private sector.

By enrolling in the Summer Institute for Social Research Methods you will:

    • Earn course credit and fulfill methods requirements for your major or minor
    • Gain mentored experience as an RA on faculty research projects
    • Be eligible for 2020-21 academic year research associate award to continue your research with faculty (CRASSH Research Scholars details)
    • Advance your competitiveness for academic and professional research positions

We realized that undergraduates at the University of Chicago are eager to be involved in research but may not know how to get involved in a project. A significant motivation for creating SISRM was to connect faculty and these students around research projects, fostering awareness of the kinds of research in which social science faculty are engaged.

Paul Poast

Director, Summer Institute in Social Research Methods; Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

SISRM RAs participate in a summer 2019 workshop

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