Chicago State University Undergraduates

Chicago State University Undergraduate Students

CSU undergraduates who wish to participate in the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods take one methodological course, participate in the Practice of Social Science Research Workshop, and participate in the paid Research Assistantship program.

  • Chicago State University undergraduate students may apply to participate in SISRM
How it Works
Students who wish to participate in the paid RA program will:


  • Submit an application to participate in the program


  • Receive notification of RA awards (matches are made by SISRM)



  • Participate in the Practice of Social Scientific Research;
  • Complete the summer methodologies course;
  • Work on the Summer RA project
Application Guidelines
  • Please select “Chicago State SISRM” from the application menu to apply.
  • All students must respond to the following candidate questions: 
    • How does your current major and interest in that field influence your reasons for pursuing the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods (SISRM)? If you have not yet declared a major, how do you anticipate that participation in SISRM will influence your future academic decisions?
    • How will the class you choose support your academic and/or professional goals?
    • What do you hope to learn through this experience?
    • Describe your interest in participating in the SISRM RA program. What skills do you hope to develop during your RAship?
  • Applicants must also provide:
    • A letter of recommendation from their program Chair
    • A CV or Resume
    • A Transcript from their home institution**Please note: We will accept an unofficial transcript. Additionally, we will also accept a progress report from a student portal that demonstrates the coursework and grades that the student has received thus far.

CV guidelines for undergraduates

  • Your CV should detail honors, awards, research, leadership/service, and other co- and extra-curricular activities you have pursued since beginning your undergraduate studies at Chicago State University. If you possess proficiency in a language other than English, please make note of it. Please do not include  details from high school—we’re interested in getting to know about you in this phase of your academic and professional development.
SISRM fellows engage with an exhibit at Mindworks: The Science of Thinking

SISRM fellows engage with an exhibit at Mindworks: Science of Thinking