UChicago Lab High School Students

UChicago Lab students who wish to participate in the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods are eligible to register for select courses and participate in the 5-week Practice of Social Science Research Workshop series, which includes small group mentorship from UChicago researchers and scholars.



  • Spring 2024 graduates and Rising Seniors who will graduate in Spring 2025 are eligible to participate
How it Works

Students who wish to participate will:


  • Submit an application to participate in the program


  • Receive notification of award



  • Participate in the Practice of Social Scientific Research;
  • Complete the summer methodologies course;
Application Guidelines

Candidate questions: 

    • Describe your interest in participating in SISRM
    • Describe your previous experiences with faculty research (if any) and/or any existing skill set that you believe will be valuable in your role as a SISRM fellow
    • What do you hope to learn through this experience?

CV guidelines for Lab students

  • Your CV should detail honors, awards, research, leadership/service, and other co- and extra-curricular activities you have pursued. You can find further guidance on developing a CV on the CCRF website. 

Recommendation Letter

  • SISRM applicants must submit at least one (1) recommendation letter as part of their application. Your letter writer should be an instructor or advisor of any kind
    • Your recommender will receive an email from the application system which will prompt them to upload their letter of recommendation. Please be prepared to input their professional email address into your application.
  • Questions about letters of recommendation? We recommend the LOR guide on the CCRF website.
Course Registration
  • Students accepted to the SISRM program will receive guidelines about how to register for classes.
  • All courses carry at least 100 units of credit. Credits earned as a Summer College student will not count towards graduation requirements if you matriculate as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago.
  • If you are planning to take a SISRM course and require accommodations, please contact Disability Services (disabilities@uchicago.edu) to coordinate the support you need.

All high school students admitted to Summer Session/SISRM are eligible for a number of scholarships and aid.

Students who are dependents of University full-time, benefits-eligible faculty, other academic appointees, and staff are eligible for a tuition benefit.