Sojourner Truth Festival of the Arts 2023

Jacqueline Frazier

Jacqueline Frazier was born and raised in San Francisco. She then moved to Southern California, went to UC Irvine for two years then spent her junior year in their Education Abroad Program and returned to finish her double BA’s in Comparative Cultures and Theater Arts. From there she went on to receive her MFA degree in Film and Television Production at UCLA.

In her final year she found a job at NBC and worked full-time while finishing her thesis film, Shipley Street. She spent over 30 years working behind the scenes as a camera assistant, Chyron operator, and boom operator for several of their soap operas, and wrote several episodes of Days of Our Lives, which allowed her to join the WGA. She received an Emmy in sound in 2014, and has kept writing since she finished her formal education. Right now she is dabbling as a “mature” model for infomercials and music videos. She spends three months a year at her home in Spain and is applying for residency this coming year.

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