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First name, Last name, “[Paper title],” conference paper at “Let Me Hear Your Voice”: Women, The Song of Songs, and Public Discourse, The University of Chicago, 3–5 June 2019, published online 16 October 2019 at

Jennifer Andruska, Response to Gardner, Nissinen, and Zhang

Chloe Blackshear, Response to Gardner and Nissinen

Simeon Chavel, “The Speaker of The Song of Songs”

Chip Dobbs-Allsopp, Response to Guth and Sherwood

Kelli Gardner, “The Female Body as Landscape in The Song of Songs: Constructing Wholeness and Identity”

Rhiannon Graybill, “But Where is the Tweaking, Thwacking, Thumping, Sliming, and Rubbing You Might Have Expected–or Dreaded–in a Paper on Sex?’ Sex in Public in The Song of Songs”

Deborah Green, “Recovering Women from the Scholars (Even from Me)”

Karen Guth, “How to Read the Work of ‘Great Artists Who Have Done Terrible Things’: Feminist and Womanist Biblical Scholarship and the #MeToo Debate on Cultural Texts of Terror”

Elaine James, “Sexism, Misogyny, and the Usefulness of Terms: Reading The Song of Songs after #MeToo”

Nyasha Junior, Response to James and Chavel

Anna Marsh, “Women’s Voices and the Cost of Going Public: The Song of Songs, Canonization, and Safe Spaces”

Martti Nissinen, “The Female Voice in Akkadian Love Poetry”

Jeffrey Stackert, Summary Response

Karl Shuve, “Hildegard of Bingen: The Song’s First Female Interpreter” | Powerpoint Slides

Erin Galgay Walsh, Response to Green and Shuve

Sarah Zhang, “Speaking of the Other: Emotional Competencies in Song 5:2-8”