All sessions will take place in the Third Floor Lecture Hall of Swift Hall at 1025 E 58 St. at the SE corner of the Quadrangle.

All sessions are free and open to the public.

All sessions will be video-recorded for posting online. Attendance indicates agreement to be recorded and posted online.

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5:00–6:45pm Session 1

Elaine James, Greetings

Simeon Chavel, “The Speaker of The Song of Songs

Elaine James, “Sexism, Misogyny, and the Usefulness of Terms: Reading The Song of Songs after #MeToo”

Nyasha Junior, response


9:00–10:30am Session 2

Deborah Green, moderator

Kelli Gardner, “The Female Body as Landscape in The Song of Songs: Constructing Wholeness and Identity”

Martti Nissinen, “The Female Voice in Akkadian Love Poetry”

Sarah Zhang, “Speaking of the Other: Emotional Competencies in Song 5:2-8”

10:30–11:00am Break

11:00am–12:00pm Session 2 continued

Jennifer Andruska, response

Chloe Blackshear, response

12:00–1:30pm Break

1:30–3:15pm Session 3

Nyasha Junior, moderator

Deborah Green, “Recovering Women from the Scholars (Even from Me)”

Karl Shuve, “Hildegard of Bingen: The Song’s First Female Interpreter” 

Erin Galgay Walsh, response

3:15–3:45pm Break

3:45–5:30 Session 4

Karl Shuve, moderator

Anna Marsh, “Women’s Voices and the Cost of Going Public: The Song of Songs, Canonization, and Safe Spaces”

Rhiannon Graybill, “But Where is the Tweaking, Thwacking, Thumping, Sliming, and Rubbing You Might Have Expected–or Dreaded–in a Paper on Sex?’ Sex in Public in The Song of Songs” 

Aslan Cohen Mizrahi, response


9:00–10:30am Session 5

Kelli Gardner, moderator

Karen Guth, “How to Read the Work of ‘Great Artists Who Have Done Terrible Things’: Feminist and Womanist Biblical Scholarship and the #MeToo Debate on Cultural Texts of Terror”

Yvonne Sherwood, “The Hybrid Song between Religious Communities and ‘Secular’ States” 

Chip Dobbs-Allsopp, response

10:30–11:00am Break

11:00–11:55am Session 6

Elaine James, moderator

Jeffrey Stackert, synthesis (20 mins)

Fiona Black, synthesis (20 mins)

Open discussion (15 mins)