It’s that time once again when our constituents prepare to deliver papers at the annual professional music conferences for the American Musicological Society and Society for Music Theory. Because there are such a large number of students presenting this year, we have decided to spread the dry runs into two sessions. This Wednesday, October 18, we will be covering (mainly) SMT papers, and the following Wednesday, October 25, we’ll be covering AMS papers. The October 18 meeting will be from 4:45-6:15 pm in Logan 802.
The full outline is as follows:
October 18:

Andrew Malilay White, “The Yodeling Style and Early Nineteenth-Century Cosmopolitanism: How Topics Are Assembled.” (SMT)

Olga Sanchez Kisielewska, “Spiritual Implications of the Sacred Hymn Topic and the Romanesca Schema in Beethoven’s Fidelio” (SMT)

Bradley Spiers, “The Imitation Game: Behaving Musically in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” (AMS)

October 25

Siavash Sabetrohani, “The Oud as the transmitter of Ancient Greek Music Theory in the Middle East

Mili Leitner, “Separate But Equal? The Palestine Broadcasting Service and the Racialization of Zionism in Mandatory Palestine” (AMS)

Mari Jo Velasco, “Restoring Religious Practice and Musical Devotion in Southwest France, 1800-1830” (AMS)   

Please take a moment before the respective sessions to glance over their abstracts (located on the AMS and SMT Program Websites) and be prepared to give feedback. Needless to say, these dry runs are only as useful as the feedback we generate; when our colleagues succeed, we are all elevated.
As always, feel free to let either Brad or Amy know if you have any questions or concerns.

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