The Sound and Society workshop is pleased to announce our fifth event for the Fall quarter. Next Wednesday, we welcome Elisabeth Reisinger, a visiting scholar from the Department of Music at the University of Vienna, who will present her latest work as part of the recent anthology The Operatic Library of Elector Maximilian Franz: Reconstruction, Catalogue, Contexts.

Special thanks to Barbara Dietlinger (Music History, UChicago), who will act as respondent for Elisabeth’s paper, which is entitled:

On the Relation of Music and Power at the Late-18th-Century Court as Exemplified by the Bonn Electoral Residence

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Logan 801

4:40 – 6:00 PM

This session of the Sound and Society workshop puts a focus on the roles and meanings of music in the legitimization and representation of monarchical power during the controversial last decades of the ancient régime. Discussing the latest results of a current research project at the University of Vienna, Elisabeth Reisinger will elaborate the example of the residence of the electors and archbishops of Cologne in Bonn during the reign of Maximilian Franz of Habsburg-Lorraine (1756–1801) between 1784 and 1794. The investigation of this concrete case, based on a remarkable wealth and variety of preserved sources, indeed sheds new light on the targets, strategies, and meanings of musical representation at court by the end of the 18th century.

Information on the project:

Persons who believe they may require accommodations to participate fully in this event should contact the coordinators, Ailsa Lipscombe at or Amy Skjerseth at in advance.

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