This Wednesday, February 6th, please join Sound and Society in welcoming for our third session of the quarter:

 Marina Resende Santos (she/her), Sasha Tycko (they/them), and Maya Nguen (she/her)
who will present their sound installation and work in progress,
“Soundscapes of Hyde Park
Wednesday, February 6th
4:30-6:00 PM
Logan Center, Room 801

Marina, Sasha, and Maya write, “

[ *bus sighing* *fountain gurgling* *forks clinking* ]

As part of an ongoing experimentation with field recording, the artists present a work in progress: an interactive 3-channel sound installation in Room 801 that broadcasts sounds recorded during soundwalks in Hyde Park and the Logan Center for the Arts. The sound sources are separated by working categories of classification. As the sounds intermingle with, mask, or hide underneath each other–relationships that shift as participants move through the room–so do the categories. The act of classification therefore fails to produce objective knowledge of the field, instead producing a multiplicity of fields. At least, that’s the thought so far. The installation is a starting place for a discussion about the practice of recording a field and loving a place. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Amy Skjerseth ( or Ailsa Lipscombe ( with any questions or concerns. Persons who believe they may require accommodations to participate fully in the event should notify the coordinators in advance.

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