Spring 2018

April 4: Ana Ilievska (Comparative Literature), “Can the Machine Speak?: Words and Tools in Vico, Heidegger, and Eça de Queirós” (Logan 802)

April 11: Emily I. Dolan (Gardner Cowles Associate Professor of Music, Harvard University), Title TBA (***Logan 028)

April 25: Rebecca Flore and Barbara E. Dietlinger (Music History/Theory) (Logan 802)

May 2: Anabel Maler (Music History/Theory) (***Logan 028)

May 9: Michael Alemanna (Ethnomusicology) (Logan 802)

May 23: Alex Murphy (East Asian Languages and Cultures) (Logan 802)

May 30: Bradley Spiers (Music History/Theory) (Logan 802)

Winter 2018

January 10: AMS/SMT Abstract Workshop Session (Goodspeed 205)

January 31: Neil Verma, “The Arts of Amnesia: The Case for Audio Drama” (Logan 802)

February 7: Nicole Morse, “The Image of Life and #LifeItself: Porous Boundaries and Posthuman Intimacies in Selfie Aesthetics” (Goodspeed 205)

February 21: Devon Borowski, “A Sweet Song for Chaste Ears: British Masculinity and the Castrato’s Voice in the Global Eighteenth Century” (Goodspeed 205)

Fall 2017

October 4: Steve Rings, “Sounding “Hard Rain;” Logan 802

October 18: American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory Conference Dry Runs; Logan 802

October 25: American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory Conference Dry Runs; Logan 802

November 15: Julianne Grasso, Scaling Invisible Walls: Musical ‘Affective Zones’ for Interaction (“Play as Interactions”); Logan 802

All sessions held at Goodspeed 802 on select Wednesday afternoons, 4:30-6:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments provided. To receive email announcements, subscribe to our private mailing list here.