Winter 2018

January 16th
Dr. Kimberly Cannady (Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington)
“Cultural Intimacy and ‘Cringeworthy’ Sounds in Iceland”
4:30-6:00pm, Logan Center 801

January 23rd
Yiren Zheng (PhD Candidate, East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
“The Cunning Tongue: Listening Awry with a 17th-Century Chinese Acousmatic Voice
*4:40-6:10pm, Logan Center 801 (*Note delayed start time by 10 minutes)

February 6th
Marina Resende Santos, Maya and Sasha (UChicago college alumni)
“Soundscapes of Hyde Park”
4:30-6:00pm, Logan Center 801

February 20th
Whitney Johnson (awarded PhD in 2018 in Sociology at UChicago) and Patrick Fitzgibbon (PhD Candidate in Music)
“The Rules of Music-Sociological Method”: an interactive presentation on Whitney’s book manuscript, Learning to Listen: Knowledge of Value in Auditory Culture
4:30-6:00pm, Logan Center 703 (*Note room change)

Fall 2018

October 10: Panel Discussion on Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer with panelists Berthold Hoeckner (Professor in Music), Tien-Tien Jong Zhang (PhD student in CMS), Lauren Jackson (PhD Candidate in English), Anna Gatdula (PhD student in Music)

October 17*: American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory Conference Dry Runs

*4:00-6:30pm, Rosenwald 432* Note time and room change

[Julianne Grasso, followed by a panel of Patrick Fitzgibbon, Siavash Sabetrohani, and Joshua Klopfenstein]

October 24: Jonathan Sterne (James McGill Professor of Culture and Technology, McGill University), 4:30-6:00pm, Franke Institute for the Humanities (1100 East 57th Street) *PERSONS WITH A DISABILITY WHO BELIEVE THEY NEED ASSISTANCE ARE REQUESTED TO CALL 773-702-8274 IN ADVANCE. Co-sponsored with the Department of Music.

October 25 (Thursday)*: Jonathan Sterne, Inclusive Pedagogy Seminar. *1:00-3:00pm, Fulton Recital Hall (Goodspeed Hall, 4th Floor). Persons who need assistance should call 773-702-8484 in advance. Co-sponsored with the Music Department and Inclusive Pedagogy Project.

November 7: Elisabeth Reisinger (Department of Musicology, University of Vienna), “On the Relation of Music and Power at the Late-18th-Century Court as Exemplified by the Bonn Electoral Residence.” Barbara E. Dietlinger (Music History/Theory), respondent.

November 28: Joint session with Whitney Johnson (awarded PhD in 2018 in Sociology at UChicago) and Patrick Fitzgibbon (PhD Candidate in Music), Title TBA.

November 30 (Friday)*: Liz Hopkins (PhD Candidate in Music), Title TBA. *11:00am-12:30pm, Cobb 311. Co-sponsored with the Mass Culture Workshop.

All sessions held at Logan Center 801 on select Wednesday afternoons, 4:30-6:00pm, unless otherwise noted (with asterisks). Refreshments will be provided. Persons who need assistance should notify the coordinators in advance. To receive email announcements, subscribe to our private mailing list here.