Speaking of Art: Artist Interviews in Scholarship and Practice began as a series of roundtable discussions in the UChicago Department of Art History in winter 2018. This workshop is necessarily interdisciplinary and is geared toward scholars conducting interview-based research in fields that do not necessarily privilege these modes of fieldwork, such as the history and theory of art and music, film and media studies, history, and literature. We also invite participation from outside traditional scholarship, including artistic or curatorial practice.

This workshop provides a forum for learning practical skills and methods for interview-based research, as well as reflecting on these methods from a more theoretical perspective. Graduate students, faculty, and occasional visitors may present their projects in progress, with an emphasis on methodological approaches to working with living subjects.

Speaking of Art is supported by the University of Chicago Council on Advanced Studies. The current student coordinators are Natalie Farrell (farrelln at uchicago dot edu) and Sila Ulug (silaulug at uchicago dot edu). The current faculty sponsors are Rachel Cohen (Creative Writing) and Matthew Jesse Jackson (Department of Visual Arts/Art History).