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Courses: Teaching Fellows

Please refer to this listing of course needs across the Division in preparing your course proposals.  Also consider relevant departmental and program webpages, as well as the College course catalogue.

Core and Civilization Sequences:

College Core Sequences

Classics of Social and Political Thought
Global Society
Power, Identity, Resistance
Self, Culture, and Society
Social Science Inquiry

College Civilization Sequences

African Civilizations 
America in World Civilization 
Ancient Mediterranean World 
Colonizations: East Asian Civilizations; European Civilizations; Russian Civilizations
Gender and Sexuality in World Civilization 
Human Rights in World Civilization
Jewish Civilization 
Science, Culture and Society 

Departments: (All hiring for preceptorships.)


Comparative Human Development



Political Science



Interdisciplinary Majors & Minors:

Committee on International Relations
BA preceptorships

Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES major)
(Note: Introductory courses can also be taught as “Topics in” courses.)

Advanced Theory Seminar on Race and Ethnicity
Global Indigeneity
Inequality: Class, Race, Sexuality & Gender
Intersectionality in Theory and Practice
Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to Asian American Studies
Introduction to Latinx Studies
Introduction to Native American/Indigenous Studies
Introduction to Critical Race Theory
Introduction to Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration/Migration
Race and Capitalism
Race and Global Inequality
Race and Slavery
Race, Rights, and Citizenship
Racism and Anti-Racism in Global Context
Theories of Race and Ethnicity

Education and Society 
The Education and Society minor seeks courses from disciplines across the Social Sciences that consider the complex relationships between human development and the social institution of schooling.

Individual Development
Schooling and Society
Educational Policy and Evaluation

Environmental and Urban Studies

BA preceptorship
Agriculture and Food (History, Anthropology, Sociology, Policy)
Chicago Studies
Energy and Climate (History, Anthropology, Sociology, Policy)
Environmental Humanities
Research Design and Methods
Urban Practice

The Fundamentals major welcomes course proposals that focus on intensive and close readings of major texts, broadly defined.

Gender and Sexuality Studies (GNSE)

BA Preceptorships
Disability Studies
Environmental Feminism
Feminist Science Studies
Gender/Sexuality and Criminal Justice
Gender/Sexuality and Immigration
Gender/Sexuality and Law
Gender/Sexuality and Popular Culture
Gender/Sexuality and Technology
Gender/Sexuality and video games
Gender/Sexuality in Chicago (urban studies more generally)
Gender/Sexuality in Global Perspective and or in economic development
Gender/Sexuality in Health and Medicine
Intersectional Studies (Asian American/Latinx in the US/Black Feminism)
LGBTQ History
Masculinity Studies
Queer of Color Critique
Queer Theory
Reproductive Rights
Trans Studies

Global Studies

BA preceptorships
Global Cities (Spatial/Urban/Ecologies)
Global Health
Global Technologies and Knowledge
Political Economy and Law

Global Society

Health and Society

Climate Change and Health, Conflict, or Demography
Global Health or Critical Global Health
Health and Environment
Health Care in Chicago
Health Care Policy
Health Economics (w/o prior economics prerequisites)
History of Medicine (not a survey/introduction)
Inequalities and Healthcare, Social Determinants of Health
Medical Anthropology (not a survey/introduction)
Medical and Humanities, Health and Humanities
Medical Sociology (not a survey/introduction)

History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine
The History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HIPS) major invites course proposals that explore the study of science through its historical development, conceptual structure, and social role.

Human Rights

BA Preceptorships
Case Study (or Studies) in Human Rights
Human Rights and History
Human Rights, Politics, and Society
Methodologies of Human Rights
Theories and Concepts of Human Rights

Inequality, Social Problems, and Change

Communities and Cities
Global Issues in Migration and Immigration
Health and Mental Health
Law and Social Justice
Poverty, Family, and Work
Social Problems, Social Policy, & Social Change
Social Welfare Policy and Services

Jewish Studies
Jewish Studies welcomes courses that examine the texts, cultures, languages, and histories of Jews and Judaism from perspectives that are contextual, comparative, and interdisciplinary.

Law, Letters, and Society
BA Preceptorships

The program in Law, Letters, and Society seeks proposals that consider law in civilian and customary legal systems, both historically and contemporaneously, and that generate informed and critical examination of law broadly construed.  The program is particularly interested in developing courses on the themes of political economy, US democracy, and questions of comparative and international law

Medieval Studies
The Medieval Studies major invites classes that explore the history, philosophy, theology, and cultural production of the Middle Ages through engagement with a diverse array of textual and material artifacts.

Public Policy 

BA Preceptorships
Case Studies in Public Policy (“Windows” courses)
Criminal Justice
Health Policy
International Development.
Qualitative Methods
Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (Economics, Political Science)
Research Design and Implementation (Political Science, Sociology. Themes of interest include education, policing, healthcare, business)

MA Programs:

Committee on International Relations
Master of Arts in Computational Social Sciences
Master of Arts Program in Social Sciences