Talks & Discussions


Subjective Beliefs in Asset Pricing 
Keynote lecture at Experimental Finance Conference 2021

Investor expectations, asset prices, and corporate policies
Keynote lecture at COAP conference at Cass Business School 2019 in London

Remarks at NBER Panel on Future of Asset Pricing: Models of Beliefs

Subjective Beliefs in Asset Pricing
Lecture at Yale Summer School in Behavioral Finance 2019

Princeton Lectures in Finance 2019: Machine Learning and Asset Pricing
Slides for Day 1
Slides for Day 2

Reconciling Survey Expectations and Asset Prices
Keynote lecture at Research in Behavioral Finance Conference 2018 in Amsterdam


Stock Market Valuation: Explanations, Non-Explanations, and Some Open Questions
Comments given at NBER SI Asset Pricing Meeting, July 2024 [writeup]

Investor Beliefs and Asset Prices Under Selective Memory
(by Maximilian Voigt)
Western Finance Association Meetings, June 2024.

Portfolio Choice with Model Misspecification: A Foundation for Alpha and Beta Portfolios
(by R. Uppal and P. Zaffaroni)
Western Finance Association Meetings, June 2016

Recreating the South Sea Bubble: Insights from an Experiment in Financial History
(by G. Giusti, C. Noussair, and H.-J. Voth)
American Economic Association Meetings, January 2016

Reverse Mortgages: What Homeowners (Don’t) Know and How It Matters
(by T. Davidoff, P. Gerhard, and T. Post)
Gutmann Symposium Vienna, August 2015

Learning By Doing: The Value Of Experience And The Origins Of Skill For Mutual Fund Managers
(by E. Kempf, A. Manconi, and O. Spalt)
WFA Meeting, June 2015

No-Bubble Condition: Model-Free Tests in Housing Markets
(by S. Giglio, M. Maggiori, and J. Stroebel)
SFS Cavalcade, May 2015

A Model of Monetary Policy and Risk Premia
(by I. Drechsler, A. Savov, and P. Schnabl)
AFA Meetings, January 2015

The Shorting Premium and Asset Pricing Anomalies
(by I. Drechsler, and Q.F. Drechsler)
NBER Asset Pricing Meeting, November 2014

Advance Refunding Municipal Bonds
(by A. Ang, R. Green, and Y. Xing)
NBER Summer Institute Asset Pricing, July 2014

Estimating Private Equity Returns from Limited Partner Cash Flows
(by A. Ang, B. Chen, W.N. Goetzmann, and L. Phalippou)
NBER Corporate Finance Meeting, April 2014

Corporate Scandals and Household Stock Market Participation
(by M. Giannetti and T.Y. Wang)
Conference on Household Behavior in Risky Asset Markets at HBS, March 2014

Labor Market Experiences and Portfolio Choice:  Evidence from the Finnish Great Depression
(by S. Knüpfer, E. Rantapuska, and M. Sarvimäki)
American Economic Association Meetings, January 2014

The End of Market Discipline:  Investor Expectations of Implicit State Guarantees
(by V.V. Acharya, D. Anginer, and A.J. Warburton)
American Finance Association Meetings, January 2014

First Impressions: “System 1” Thinking and Stock Returns
(by N. Barberis, A. Mukherjee, and B. Wang)
Miami Behavioral Finance Conference, December 2013

Volatility Risk Premia and Exchange Rate Predictability
(by P. Della Corte, T. Ramadorai, and L. Sarno)
NBER Summer Institute, July 2013

Time-Varying Risk Aversion
(by L. Guiso, P. Sapienza, and L. Zingales)
Mitsui Life Conference, June 2013

Getting Better: Learning to Invest in an Emerging Stock Market
(by J.Y. Campbell, T. Ramadorai T, and B. Ranish)
NBER Behavioral Economics Meeting, April 2013

Market Expectations in the Cross-Section of Present Values
(by Kelly, B., and S. Pruitt)
American Finance Association Meetings, January 2013