The HMSO is currently accepting applications for the

Milgrom – Student Research Initiative Grant


The Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization (HMSO) is pleased to announce a new fellowship funding opportunity for UChicago doctoral students.  The HMSO will offer up to 4 awards in this funding cycle for up to $10,000 per year for one or two years.  The submission deadline is March 18, 2024.

The HMSO seeks to expand its support to graduate students and has a special interest in funding projects relating to coding and computer skills. Other proposal topics fostering the skills, dispositions, and experiences essential to prepare heterogeneous students for successful pathways into the modern labor market will also be welcomed. The HMSO is interested in projects focusing on the impact of the transitioning economy on youth from the southside of Chicago and on their evolving pathways to employment.

The due date for 2024 applications is March 18, 2024. For more information about this year’s grant competition, consult the Milgrom Student Research Initiative.  Please contact Jodi Khan if you have any questions or to schedule a pre-submission consultation:


The Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization (HMSO) funds five programs:

(1) Successful Pathways from School to Work Research Initiative, which supports rigorous inquiry on how educators can become more effective in fostering the skills, dispositions, and experiences essential for success in the modern labor market, as well as society as a whole.  

(2) Milgrom Community Service and Innovation Fellowship for University of Chicago students, focused on helping improve the lives of disadvantaged children and youth in Chicago through education-related community service.

(3) Milgrom Educational Innovation Challenge Grant, which supports University of Chicago organizations in order to enable them to establish a competition for University of Chicago students to design solutions to education-related problems in Chicago and provide students the programming necessary for its success.

(4) Milgrom Computer Coding Fellowship Grant.  This new initiative will be focused on helping improve the lives of disadvantaged youth in Chicago and their opportunities for successful employment by developing their computer coding and programming skills.

(5) The Milgrom Community Based STEM Program. Beginning in 2023 and in partnership with the Bright Star Community Organization, the overarching goal of this program is to provide students with meaningful STEM learning opportunities that will serve as a vehicle for successful pathways to employment.