Successful Pathways Research Grantees

The Successful Pathways research program grantees include both distinguished faculty members and emerging scholars, whose projects bring a range of disciplinary perspectives to answering questions that span the life course.  Taken together, this body of scholarship will enable a deeper understanding of how to support disadvantaged youth at critical junctures on their varied pathways from school to work.

Field-Initiated Faculty Projects

2019 Grantees

1) John Easton: Gender Gaps in High School Course Grades: Exploring a New Source of Information

2) Susan Levine, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Steve Raudenbush: Getting on Track Early for School Success
Scaling Up an Assessment-Instruction System for Preschool Math, Oral Language & Literacy

2018 Grantees

1) Micere Keels, Reiter Shunit, Dalia Sachs, Naomi Schreuer, and Yvzori Yonat. A Future Oriented Occupational Intervention for Re-Engaging Students Placed At-Risk for Drop-Out Proposal for a Collaborative Bi-National Project

2017 Grantees

1) Anjali Adukia, Kyung Park: Safety and School Police Presence: Educational, Behavior, and Crime Outcomes

2) Marianne Bertrand, Kelly Hallberg. Studying the Effectiveness of College Access Supports in Chicago 

3) Susan Goldin-Meadow, Susan Levine. Home Language Influences on High School Readiness

4) Micere Keels. Trauma-Responsive Educational Practices: CPS-TREP Project Collaborative

2013 Grantees

1) Dan Black, Elizabeth Weigensberg, James Rosenbaum. Career and Technical Education in the Chicago Public Schools. 

2) Susan Goldin-Meadow, Susan Levine. A longitudinal study of linguistic input to children at risk: Does it have an impact on later higher order thinking? 

3) James J. Heckman. Understanding and Comparing the Mechanisms Producing the Impacts of Major Early Childhood Programs with Long-Term Follow up 

4) Nicole Holland, Raquel Farmer-Hinton, and Melissa Roderick. Paving Postsecondary Pathways in Small, Urban High Schools: Developing the School, College, and Career Connections for Young Women of Color 

5) Derek Neal, Robert Goerge. The University of Chicago Pathways to Adulthood Data Enclave (UC-PADE) 

6) Harold Pollack, Gretchen Cusick, Jiffy Lansing. A randomized controlled trial study of online learning for detained youth 

7) Lindsey Richland, Leslie Beller, Angela Cobb. Assessing 21st-century competencies for urban youth 

8) Robert J. Sampson and Stephen W. Raudenbush. Successful Pathways to School and Work: Early and Later Transitions in the Lives of Chicago Children, 1995-2013 

9) Irit Sasson, Keren Kopietz, and Jeanne Century. Eastern Galilee Regional Cluster: A Regional Innovative STEM Program 

10) Naomi Schreuer, Shunit Reiter, Dalia Sachs, Yonat Ivzori, & Harold Pollack. A Career Education and Vocational Transition Program: “SUPER – Successful Pathways to Employment for youth at Risk” 

11) Margaret Beale Spencer, Lauren Rich. Development of a Measure to Assess Teacher Perceptions of Self-Student Differences 

12) Dana Suskind. The Thirty Million Words Newborn Public Health Initiative 

Field-Initiated Pre-Doctoral Projects

2023 Grantees

1) Uma Blanchard: Rehabilitating or Enhancing Youth?  Framing Developmental Experience in Urban Adventure Therapy

2) Caroline Kelly: Investing in Students:  Studying the Expansion of Medicaid Funding in Chicago Public Schools on Employment and Education Outcomes

3) Alex Wuqi Zhang: End User Programming Interfaces:  Balancing Between Customizability and Robot Personality

2022 Grantees

1) David Gonzalez-Maldonado: Development of Gamified Experiences to Foster CS and Quantum Information Science Career Aspirations.

2) Jasmine Lu: Developing skills and tools to facilitate reusing electronic equipment

2019 Grantees

1) Sireen Irsheid: Shifting the Aim Towards a More Comprehensive Solution for Urban Students of Color Who Reside in High Burden Communities

2) Mariana Laverde Quintero: Racial Differences in Public School Assignment: The case of Boston

3) Madeleine Oswald:  The Effectiveness of Using Touch-Screens to Improve Early Math Learning

4) Tonie Sadler:  From High School to Precarity: How disability policies shape the experience of transition to early adulthood for low income young adults with disabilities

2018 Grantees

1) Jalisha Braxton: Exploring the Academic Attitudes & Beliefs of Students in College Preparation Programs

2) Amanda Brown: Inventing the Impossible to Interpret the Everyday: How the Social Context of Children’s Early Pretend Play Impacts Development

3) Sarah Cashdollar: Career and Technical Education (CTE) in the College-for-All Era: Exploring Low-Income Youths’ Socially Contextualized Educational and Occupational Aspirations

4) Bridgette Davis: Lost in Transition: A mixed methods study of organizational intervention in the post-secondary transitions of low-income youth in Chicago.

5) Ebony Hinton: Exploring the Roles of Interpersonal and Organizational Factors in the Interprofessional Collaboration Practices of School Social Workers

6) Gabriel Velez, Tasneem Mandviwala, Rebecca Frausel: Narrative, Perspective Taking, and the Story Exchange: Fostering Empathy and Cultivating Positive Classroom Environments


2017 Grantees

1) Talia Berkowitz. Exploring the relationship between parents’ math anxiety and home numeracy practices 

2) Cristina Carazza. Effects of counting books on children’s number learning: Designing a parent-led intervention 

3) Helen Lee. An Explorative Study of Secondary Traumatic Stress, Supports, and Self-Care Practices of Early Career Teachers in High-Poverty, Urban Public Schools 

4) Nancy Pantoja. Understanding how math anxiety develops over time and relates to math attitudes and math achievement in middle school


2015 Grantees

1) Hysesang Chang, Julianne Herts.  Reducing the link between math anxiety and low math achievement 

2) Nicole Beechum: Exploring Academic Engagement For African American Boys Following the Transition to High School 

3) Nolan Pope: The Multidimensional Impact of Teachers on Students


2014 Grantees

1) Rebecca Hinze-Pifer. An Evaluation of the Academic and Behavioral Outcomes Produced by Juvenile Arrest Processing through the Cook County Peer Jury Diversion Program 

2) Andres Hojman. Analyzing the Long-term Effects of Early Childhood Interventions 

3) Marjorie Schaeffer. Understanding the effects of teachers’ math anxiety on children’s math attitudes and achievement 

2013 Grantees

1) Dominic J. Gibson, Talia Berkowitz. Children’s Acquisition of Number Concepts: Exploring the Challenges of Early Number Learning 

2) Russell Bittman.  The Determinants of Market School Structure 

3) Marshall Jean. Can You “Work your Way up?” Examining the Relationship between Ability Grouping and Student Learning Behaviors

4) Tim Kautz. Evaluation of Chicago’s OneGoal Program

5) Kafi Moragne-Patterson. Examining College Choice & Match among High-Performing African American Students in Two Urban High Schools

6) Nolan Pope. The Marginal Effect of K-12 ESL Programs: Evidence from Los Angeles Schools 

7) Christien Tompkins. A New Kind of Labor: The Work of Teaching in New Orleans Charter Schools