Milgrom Community Service and Innovation Fellowship

The Milgrom Community Service and Innovation Fellowship for University of Chicago students focuses on helping improve the lives of disadvantaged children and youth in Chicago through education-related community service, issuing its first round of grants in 2018. You can view a video introduction to the fellowship program above.

Grantees receive funding to design and implement a program that provides students with some combination of the following: (1) up to $5,000 each for a full-time summer internship, awarded through competitive application to the Milgrom Community Service and Innovation Fellowship program; (2) mentoring to support the fellows’ work in the community; (3) course work to prepare them for their community service; and/or (4) post-fellowship support to reflect on and extend their service experience.

Students’ service and innovation projects should seek to tangibly improve the lives of disadvantaged children or youth in Chicago. Students should be able to apply to intern with an existing CBO or receive funding to develop and implement their own service project (independently or with other Milgrom Fellows), under supervision of a mentor. Fellows who have already won unpaid summer internships with existing organizations should be able to apply for funds to get paid for their service.