Community STEM Program Grant

We are currently soliciting proposals from interested campus entities to develop a collaborative STEM program that involves members of the University of Chicago and a community-based partner from the Southside community.

The operational site of the program should be in the community. The HMSO has identified the Bright Star Community Organization (BSCO) as the community partner.  BSCO is an organization that has a record of delivering programs with broad-based community participation from a large geographic area on Chicago’s South Side and that has an established relationship with the University of Chicago’s Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice.

Program Goals

The goals of the project are the following.

  • Develop and implement a STEM program for elementary and middle school students that will serve the participants of the Greater Bronzeville Community Action Council, which has more than 70 school-based and community-based institutions on Chicago’s South Side engaged in the Bronzeville Collaborative.
  • Develop a STEM program that provides these students with tangible and transferable skills necessary for future success in multiple STEM fields.
  • Develop a STEM program that will be sustainable and become a permanent or long-term part of the BSCO’s educational efforts that serve local schools in the Bronzeville Collaborative.

Full details for this request for proposal can be found here.