Plugins extend and expand the functionality of your blog. Blog administrators need to activate and (in some cases) set up plugins before they can be used by blog contributors, authors, and editors.

How to activate and set up plugins

To activate a plugin, go to Dashboard > Plugins. Search for the appropriate plugin and click the “Activate” link. Some plugins require further information before they are fully functional. You can do this by clicking the Settings link after the plugin is activated.

Select Plugins for Academic Blogs

Below we highlight a few plugins that may be useful in academic blogs. Blog administrators can find the entire list under Dashboard > Plugins.

Compfight Safe Images

The Compfight Safe Images plugin is a search tool for quickly finding, adding and providing proper attribution for Creative Commons images to your posts. Once you have activated it, you will see a Compfight button above your edit bar. Click the button to find and add Creative Commons images to your posts. Read how to use this plugin.


The Footnotes allows you to add footnotes to post and pages inline. Once you have activated it, you add footnotes to a post by simply typing them inline in square brackets like this: [1. This is a footnote.] Read how to use this plugin.

LaTeX Math Symbols Plugin

The LaTeX Math Symbols Plugin allows you to use LaTeX code in posts and comments.  LaTex is good for formatting mathematical formulas and equations. Read how to use this plugin.