Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the URL of my site?

Once you have created a site and chosen a URL (e.g., you cannot directly change/edit it to a different URL (e.g. You must create a new site with your preferred URL. However, if you already have done significant work and customizations to your site, you may be better off using the Site Cloner plugin to clone your site. This plugin enables you to clone the entire site, including activated plugins, theme customizations, content, and set to an entirely new site with a new URL of your choice.

Can I export my site after I graduate or leave the University?

Yes! You can export your site as an XML file and import it to a site or your own hosted WordPress installation. Find the Export feature in your Dashboard in the Tools menu.

Can I upload themes and plugins to my site?

No. UChicago Voices provides the same themes and plugins for anyone using the platform, faculty, staff, and students. Because this is a hosted service, we do not control what themes and plugins are globally available. We do encourage that you submit requested plugins and themes and we will work with our service provider to attempt to make them available.

Can I password protect my site?

Yes. Sites can be globally set as private and only accessible through the use of a known password.

Can I have more than one site?

Yes. You can create as many spaces on UChicago Voices as you want for as many different purposes as you identify.

Can someone help me design my site?

Yes. Please reach out to Web Services to discuss creating a custom Voices site for a fee.

I need to understand Plugins. Can you help?

Sure, check out our Plugins help page to better understand plugins.