University of Chicago-Northshore Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship

Message from Dr. Mark Talamonti



Welcome to the combined University of Chicago – NorthShore Complex Surgical Oncology Fellowship. Our surgical oncologists have been proud partners in this modern and progressive fellowship for the past 13 years.  This unique fellowship provides training opportunities at one of our nation’s premier research universities and a nationally recognized regional healthcare system. Fellows experience the breadth and depth of academic surgical oncology, combining the University of Chicago’s culture of investigation and inquiry with leading cancer surgeons in their respective specialties. At NorthShore, the fellows train with recognized clinicians with expertise in delivering cancer care through a network of community-based hospitals.  These experiences highlight cancer care across the spectrum of opportunities and needs for future surgical oncologists. Fellows finishing this program are prepared and ready to function at an incredibly high level in a traditional academic position or in an academically-oriented affiliate hospital. Because of this, our graduates are sought after not only for their clinical training, but also their experience in model systems of cancer care delivery.