Rates for Services

The University of Chicago Survey Lab is a Recharge Operation within the Public Health Sciences Department of the Biological Sciences Division. We provide consultation and data collection services for clients both internal and external to the University. Our rates are nondiscriminatory and all users are billed for services received. ‘Nondiscriminatory’ means that the Survey Lab charges all internal and external users at the same rates for the same services. Internal rates are also applied to external academic users who are formally affiliated with the University of Chicago. 

Our rates are calculated to reasonably offset all of our operating expenses on an annual basis. In other words, we calculate our rates to “break even” so that there is no significant profit or loss as a result of charging users for services provided on an annual basis. Rates are determined based on budgeted projections of operating expenses and projected volumes.

As of July 1, 2022 the Survey Lab bills clients at the following rates.

Rate Type Description Internal Rate External Rate
Director rate Labor performed by the Director or Co-Director $124 per hour $136 per hour
Operations rate Labor performed by the Assistant Director or Operations level staff $73 per hour $81 per hour
Call Center Supervisor rate Labor performed by the Call Center Supervisor $44 per hour $46 per hour
Research Assistant rate Labor performed by Research and Operations Assistants $27 per hour $30 per hour
Project Coordinator rate Labor performed by the Project Coordinators $29 per hour $39 per hour

For questions pertaining to rates, or to receive an estimate of cost on a scope of work, please contact the Survey Lab director, Kevin Ulrich, at ulrichkv@uchicago.edu.

Updated June, 2022.