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University of Chicago launches Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering
The University of Chicago has announced a new organization that will facilitate the expansion of research collaborations between faculty at UChicago and scientists and scholars at other institutions, including at Argonne, Fermilab and the Marine Biol (More)
Smart Lamps for Energy Engineers
The Energy Engineers Pilot Program at Dunne Technology Academy, a program of RDCEP and the More)
Arduino-based Sound Installation
For professor Jason Salavon's DoVA course Data and Algorithm in Art (ARTV 22502), students Gabrielle Bernard, Anthony Crespo, and Jonathan Kyl teamed up to create an arduino-based sound project. The interactive sound installation uses an arduino, las (More)
Woodcut Printmaking Using the Laser
Here is another group project for Professor Jason Salavon's class, Data and Algorithm in Art (ARTV 22502). Students Edouard Bordeau Brooks, Kyle McCornack, and Annie Asai teamed up to create a serial progression of laser-etched geometric designs in p (More)
Model Printing Press
This project, by Uchicago undergrads Evan Mayer and Andrew Jaffe, was a class assignment for HIPS 17400: Science, Culture, and Society with professor Adrian Johns. Evan says: "Andrew Jaffe did all of the 3D modeling except for the movable type (More)