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Why the left is scared
Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. - Victor Hugo One of course notices the left freaking out about our fascist, authoritarian, Nazi dictator disguis (More)
Positive Dehumanization
Perhaps an interesting factor in society is what could be called “positive dehumanization”. This occurs when we dehumanize people by elevating them to a status beyond humanity. This occurs most often with authority figures, particularly judges and sc (More)
Here is a somewhat bold prediction: the Democratic party will be done by 2020. We will have to see how 2018 turns out, but the parallel Labour party in the UK More)
Why the DNC is screwed.
With Hillary's indictment looming, the Democrats are in a pickle. Here is how things will most likely go down in every possible scenario. Clinton is indicted, pardoned, and nominated: Complete disaster. Several FBI agents and other staff will resi (More)
The Media is Sometimes Right (When They Agree With Me)
 In fact, however, the supporters of the welfare state are utterly anti-social and intolerant zealots. For their ideology tacitly implies that the government will exactly execute what they themselves deem right and beneficial. They entirely disregard (More)
Political Tribalism and Identity Politics
There were people attending the Republican convention in blue jeans. Some asked if they were lost and if they needed directions to the Democratic convention. - Newt Gingrich     One of the many divisive aspects in politics has been the two party (More)