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Training Tip: Avoid Email Scams
IT Services has been monitoring an active, persistent scam that is targeting staff at the University as well as many other institutions. These types of email scams use messaging to press a recipient to act quickly, usually asking the recipient to pur (More)
Training Tip: Share Your Schedule with Outlook
As University staff and instructors, you may be working through these last few weeks of the year. Let your colleagues know when you’re available by sharing your Outlook calendar. There are several ways to share your Outlook calendar, and you can c (More)
Training Tip: Set Your Out of Office Reply
With Thanksgiving on its way and more holidays around the corner, you may be planning to take some time off. Setting up an automated out of office message is an easy way to share your schedule, alternate contacts who are available to respond to reque (More)
Training Tip: Stay Connected with Mobile Apps
While you’re waiting in line to vote this Election Day, use mobile apps to stay connected with your colleagues or classmates at the University. To check your UChicago email, download the Microsoft Outlook app for your More)
Training Tip: Don't Get Scared by Email Scams
This Halloween, don’t get scared by phishing emails using trickery to try to get your information. Simply ignore and delete these messages. If you’re unsure, forward the message as an attachment to security@uchi (More)
Training Tip: Use Email Protection to Manage Your Messages
The University is enabling a new email protection service this week for all @uchicago.edu email accounts. The new service has enhanced capabilities to identify and block spam as well as to better protect accounts from phishing attempts and malicious (More)
Training Tip: Identify and Report Phishing Emails
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. By knowing about potential threats, you can help protect yourself and the University community. A common tactic cybercriminals use is phishing, which is a fraudulent email that appears to come fro (More)
Training Tip: Explore IT Resources for Students
Autumn Quarter begins next week, and IT Services has a quick start guide on the technology resources available for UChicago students. Visit its.uchicago.edu/students to learn about setting up your CNetI (More)
Training Tip: Master Your Gmail Inbox
Whether you forward your UChicago email account to Gmail or use it for a personal email account, tap into some features to organize your inbox. In the default Gmail inbox setup, you can opt to sort your emails into More)
Training Tip: Organize Your Outlook Inbox
Many email clients have built-in functionality to help you organize your inbox. In Microsoft Outlook, you can use the More)
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