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Matthew Peterson on Jewish Ethics
Matthew Peterson (MA Student, Divinity) "Between Halakhah and the Other: Navigating the Scope of Jewish Ethics" Tuesday, April 14th, Noon Swift 201 Abstract: One recurring theme in modern Jewish thought has been the scope of its ethics. That is, (More)
Russell Johnson: "Nonviolent Revolution: Gandhi and Kierkegaard on Means and Ends"
Russell Johnson PhD candidate, Philosophy of Religions Nonviolent Revolution: Gandhi and Kierkegaard on Means and Ends Tuesd (More)
Morten Thaning (Copenhagen Business School): "Ungovernable: Reassessing Foucault’s ethics in light of Agamben’s Pauline conception of use"
Morten Thaning Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School Ungovernable: Reassessing (More)
Michael L. Morgan (IU Bloomington) on Jewish Dialogical Philosophy and Ethics
Alain de Libera (Collège de France): Two Public Lectures