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Toast and tea
9pm tonight, study break! This rainy weather calls for some good British fare...we'll have tea, toast, and clotted cream (and fruit). But not just any toast. This is some of Chicago's best sourdough bread. It's not easy to find, but you can get Publi (More)
January Bdays + Firecakes + Board Games
Come grab a donut January babes. Gabe is hosting board game night in the lounge! (More)
Lotta latkes in le lounge
Happy Hannakuh and finals kick off! (More)
Another Ugly Sweater Party
Stop by our place for some amazing pies inspired by Detroit’s Sister Pie! Ugliest sweater wins... More)
Smoothie Study Break
Tasty and healthy!   (More)
happy turkey eve!
Happy Turkey Eve, Rickert Haus! Safe travels and have a nice break wherever you are! Come warm up and chill out in the lounge tonight at 8:30 with some hot chocolate, treats, and a movie or board game. BRING A MUG! (More)
Rickert Garden + Build Coffee
Garden is officially winterized. Spinach planted, garlic will be planted soon. Check back in the spring!! đŸ˜€ Thank you Hannah, for h (More)
Chicago Food Tour
Thanks for turning out Rickerteers! We had an awesome time on the Chicago food tour and sampled the full Chicago food pyramid - donuts from Do-Rite, deep dish pizza from Labriolas, Chicago style hot dogs from Portillos, and some amazing Churros from (More)
Oxtail poutine
Oxtail poutine, from the Bruges Brothers food truck. (More)