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Bigfoot Logic
My single-minded aim is to give existence to fantasy. - Claes Oldenburg Ideological thought is unfalsifiable, due to the immense need for ideological preservation. Any thought that goes against the narrative is almost immediately reshaped into so (More)
Ideological Thought
Political ideology can corrupt the mind, and science. - E. O. Wilson Another interesting (and dangerous) part of ideologies and bias are the effects on thought. Ideological preservation implants itself into the mind quite easily. People obviously h (More)
Argumentative Labelling
No day passes without a Democratic politician, a left-wing commentator, or, if I may be excused a redundancy, a left-wing academic labeling Republicans and conservatives racist. - Dennis Prager Ideologies pose a danger in that they not only limit t (More)
Free Speech for Me, but not for Thee
I'll get back to the regular posts soon enough, but this case is just too good to pass up. For those (somehow) unaware, Tyler Kissinger held a protest on May 30th, and is facing expulsion. The (failing) More)
Why the DNC is screwed.
With Hillary's indictment looming, the Democrats are in a pickle. Here is how things will most likely go down in every possible scenario. Clinton is indicted, pardoned, and nominated: Complete disaster. Several FBI agents and other staff will resi (More)
Why I'm a Sexist
The political system loves the extremes, it doesn't so much show a lot love for the moderates. - Claire McCaskill I suppose I should write about my raison d'être. Why my beliefs are the way they are. Why I say the things I say. Why I write the th (More)
Ideological Preservation Part 2: Ignorance and Dismissal
The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. - Robertson Davies One of the most basic mechanisms of ideological preservation is simple ignorance. If conflicting facts are not presented, then there is no need to explain them. This is (More)
The Media is Sometimes Right (When They Agree With Me)
 In fact, however, the supporters of the welfare state are utterly anti-social and intolerant zealots. For their ideology tacitly implies that the government will exactly execute what they themselves deem right and beneficial. They entirely disregard (More)
Big Media and Critical Thought
"The devil gave humans critical thinking, which God didn’t want us to have." - Unknown Big media has ruined critical thought both intentionally and unintentionally. The notion that the internet is truly open is misguided in practice. Firstly, one (More)
Political Tribalism and Identity Politics
There were people attending the Republican convention in blue jeans. Some asked if they were lost and if they needed directions to the Democratic convention. - Newt Gingrich     One of the many divisive aspects in politics has been the two party (More)