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CHAS eNews: September 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Exploring Transgender Legal Name Change as a Potential Structural Intervention for Mitigating Social Determinants of Health Among Transgender Women of Color; Medicaid Eligibility Expansions May Address Gaps In Access To Diabetes Medica (More)
CHAS Receives New Grant For Paris Conference
CHAS has received new funding from the University of Chicago Center in Paris Faculty Steering Committee to co-host a 2018 conference to focus on public insura (More)
CHAS eNews: August 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Placing Assimilation Theory: Mexican Immigrants in Urban and Rural America; A Network Intervention to Locate Newly HIV Infected Persons Within MSM Networks in Chicago; Medicaid Benefits for Addiction Treatment Expanded After Implementa (More)
CHAS eNews: July 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Trends in Post-Acute Care Use Among Medicare Beneficiaries: 2000 to 2015; A Study of Low Incidence Reporting Associated With Sexual Victimization of Female Inmates by Prison Staff; The Importance of Obtaining Father Involvement Reports (More)
CHAS eNews: May 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: The Portuguese Sibling Study on Growth, Fitness, Lifestyle and Health; Mother-Son Communication About Sex and Routine HIV Testing Among Younger Men of Color Who Have Sex With Men; Effectiveness of Interventions to Teach Metered-Dose an (More)
CHAS eNews: April 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Solving Disparities Through Payment and Delivery System Reform: A Reform to Achieve Health Equity; Patient Experiences with Pregnancy Planning and Perspectives on Reproductive Care in Community Health Centers: A Qualitative Study of Af (More)
CHAS eNews: March 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Biosimilars: Reimbursement Issues in Oncology Practices; Differences Between Husbands and Wives in Colonoscopy Use: Results From a National Sample; Development of the ThyCAT: Computerized Test to Assess Quality of Life in Thyroid Cance (More)
Medicaid Working Group Earns NIH Funding
CHAS Fellows Tamara Konetzka and Prachi Sanghavi were each awarded NIH funding for their projects associated with the Medicaid Working Group. Funded through (More)
CHAS eNews: September 2017
POLICY BRIEFS: Physicians Influenced by Medical Technology Markets; Identifying Standardized Competencies for Global Health Professionals; SERVICE DELIVERY INNOVATIONS: Network Approach to HIV Tracing Shows Promise; ANNOUNCEMENTS: Reforming Medicai (More)