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Creative Assignments: Podcasting
Why Podcasts? Podcasting can be a creative assignment that encourages students to engage with a topic aurally and orally in addition to simply via text. By engaging the senses more deeply, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topi (More)
Video Conferencing and Remote Class Sessions in Canvas
Ever wondered how to connect with your students during a cold snap or treacherous weather conditions?  Canvas has a built-in web conferencing tool (BigBlueButton) for remote collaboration, which is easy to set up and use.  You can access this tool th (More)
New from ATS -- Creative Assignments: Podcasting
Are you interested in giving your students assignments that go beyond the written word?  Would you like your students to have opportunities to practice their speaking skills, think creatively, and work with digital technologies such as sound recordin (More)
Pilot of Lecture Capture and Video Management System Panopto
The lecture capture and video management application space has been evolving quickly over the last few years. To help faculty test out new pedagogical methods and easier software-based lecture capture functionality, Academic Technology Solutions is c (More)
Update to Video Management Platform Kaltura
Kaltura, the University of Chicago’s software platform for video management, has recently been updated to the latest version.  This update brings with it several important changes that will improve Kaltura users’ experience. No File Size Limit The (More)
New Feature in Canvas: HTML5 Support for Firefox and Chrome
Canvas now supports HTML5 in its Rich Content Editor for Firefox and Chrome.  If you are using one of these browsers, yo (More)
New Feature in Canvas: Embedding an Image Directly from Your Computer with the Rich Content Editor
The Embed Image function in Canvas’ Rich Content Editor has long offered several different ways to find images to embed: entering an image URL, browsing within the files attached to your Canvas course, or searching Flickr.  Now, a new feature makes i (More)