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New Feature in Canvas Gradebook: Exporting the Notes Column
Note: This post was updated on March 13, 2019, to include information for the New Gradebook. The Canvas Gradebook features a Notes column in which you can record comments about particular students' performance.  Data in this column are never used by (More)
New Feature in Canvas: Rearrange Course Cards on Your Dashboard
Did you know that you can rearrange your course cards in the order you prefer?  Thanks to a new Canvas feature, you (More)
New Feature in Canvas: HTML5 Support for Firefox and Chrome
Canvas now supports HTML5 in its Rich Content Editor for Firefox and Chrome.  If you are using one of these browsers, yo (More)
New Feature in Canvas: Embedding an Image Directly from Your Computer with the Rich Content Editor
The Embed Image function in Canvas’ Rich Content Editor has long offered several different ways to find images to embed: entering an image URL, browsing within the files attached to your Canvas course, or searching Flickr.  Now, a new feature makes i (More)
New Feature in Canvas: Document Rotation in DocViewer
Did you know that you can now rotate the page view when viewing a file in Canvas' DocViewer tool? This feature allows instr (More)
Analytics Beta: Canvas' New Analytics Tool
“How can Canvas help me analyze how my students are doing?” Analytics Beta is a new Canvas tool that provides better analytics for tracking student data. It has an interactive chart or table which allows you to customize views of data and filter for (More)
Canvas Updates and Changes: Year in Review + Looking Forward
Canvas releases new features and bug fixes every three weeks. This means that faculty, instructors, and students can expect problems with the software to be fixed more quickly, but it also means that users have to learn to be flexible and expect that (More)
New Feature in Canvas: Creating Discussions for Specific Course Sections
Has the Canvas site for your course been divided into sections?  If so, Canvas' Discussions tool will now allow you to create discussions that will only be visible to specific sections.  This can be very useful if you wish to keep discussion threads (More)
Sending Announcements to Specific Sections in Canvas
Section-specific announcements are now available in Canvas!  Instructors can now select whether to send announcements to all sections, a single section, or multiple sections.  By default, the announcement will be sent to all sections of your course. (More)