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Public Lecture: Brigitte Bedos-Rezak (NYU), Jan. 13
Please join the Medieval Studies Workshop for a special public lecture co- sponsored by the France Chicago Center, the Departments of More)
Lumen Christi: Willemien Otten, Feb. 8
The Lumen Christi Institute presents Eriugena: 
The Medieval Irish Genius Between Augustine and Aquinas Willemien Otten University of Chicago Tuesday, February 8, 7:00pm
Swift Hall, Common Room
1025 E. 58th St. Formerly the face of the Iri (More)
Workshop Lecture: Stefan Weber, April 8
Please join the Medieval Studies Workshop for a special presentation by a visiting scholar. … Stefan Weber (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg) “Igniting their hands and turning wine to water : The Irish abroad in the 11th and 12 (More)
Smart Lecture: Alexander Nagel, April 1
Please see below for a lecture in the Art History Department by a distinguished Renaissance art historian, who, in recent work, has been thinking and writing about the Middle Ages in ways that should interest medievalists. ... Smart Lecture: Alexan (More)
Alexei Lidov, April 18
The Department of Art History at the University of Chicago cordially invites you to a lecture on Monday April 18th: ... Professor Alexei Lidov "Hierotopy, Spatial Icons and Image- Paradigms" ... Professor Lidov is the Director of Research at the (More)
Music Department Colloquium Series: Margot Fassler, May 6
Friday May 6, 3:30PM, Fulton Recital Hall . The Music Department Colloquium Series presents . Margot Fassler (Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Music History and Liturgy, Univ (More)
Lumen Christi: Gilles Emery, April 27-28
The Lumen Christi Institute Visiting Scholar, Spring 2011 ... Gilles Emery, OP University of Fribourg ... Gilles Emery was born and grew up in the Swiss Alps. He is professor of dogmatic theology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. His (More)