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Training Tip: Run Software Updates to Stay Secure
A software update is a free download for an application, operating system, or software suite that provides new features, fixes bugs, improves functionality, and addresses security issues. To make sure your device is protected with the most current (More)
RX 5 Audio Editor Resources
Thanks to everyone who came out to Constantine Nakassis's session on using RX 5 to clean up audio! The resources discussed during the session are now posted in the Resources page of this website. As a reminder, RX 5 is available on the iMac in the la (More)
Training Tip: Access Software for UChicago Students
Whether you are a new student at the University of Chicago or you’re returning for Autumn Quarter, get a head start on the school year by viewing the list of available software. IT Services provides UChicago students with free or reduced-cost access (More)