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Training Tip: Avoid Email Scams
IT Services has been monitoring an active, persistent scam that is targeting staff at the University as well as many other institutions. These types of email scams use messaging to press a recipient to act quickly, usually asking the recipient to pur (More)
Training Tip: Manage File Ownership on G Suite
If you’re moving to a new role at the University or departing campus, make sure to transfer important documents tied to your University G Suite account to your colleagues. This will ensure the new owner can control access to the files and avoid delet (More)
Training Tip: Use Do Not Disturb While Studying
As a student preparing for exams, you don’t want phone calls, texts, and other notifications distract you from studying. With the help of your device settings, you can limit tech interruptions. On your iPhone, turn on the More)
Training Tip: Create Accessible and Effective Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks add useful content to websites and emails. They work best when the link text makes sense out of context. It’s best to avoid non-informative link phrases such as “click here” or “more” in your website or email message. Using a descriptiv (More)
Training Tip: Enhance Your IoT Device Security
The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses many devices such as smart TVs, smart speakers, wearables, and smart appliances. Many of these devices are now being leveraged for application development, research studies, and teaching and learning. One t (More)
Training Tip: Secure Your Browser
Web browsers offer a number of convenient features that make finding, saving, and sharing information faster and more hassle-free than ever. However, some of these features may pose a security risk. Here are some things you can do to make sure you (More)
Training Tip: Stay Connected to Campus with cVPN
Whether you’re working from home or across the country, the University of Chicago virtual private network (cVPN) provides faculty, students, and staff with secure acces (More)
Training Tip: Protect Your Devices from the Cold
The weather forecast for the Chicago area is well below freezing this week, and most electronic devices are designed to work between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0-35 degrees Celsius). In addition to keeping yourself warm, here are a few tips for ta (More)
Training Tip: Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connection Issues
When you are having trouble connecting to the University’s Wi-Fi networks (uchicagosecure, eduroam, or uchicago), there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue: Turn Wi-Fi off and then back on again. Restart your device. Remove t (More)
Training Tip: Become a Microsoft Teams Master
If you’re new to using Teams, Microsoft shared a series of tips and tricks to help you increase your focus time, collaborate better with others, and stay organized. View More)
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