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From the isolette to optimized opportunity
by Elise Wachspress Neonatologist Erika Claud, MD, has long been thoughtful about the developmental effects of the trea (More)
News roundup: July 2019
A selection of health news from the University of Chicago and around the globe curated just for you. How the (More)
Born with a gut instinct: How the microbiome affects preterm infant health
by Folabomi Oladosu, PhD Post-doctoral researcher specializing in pain and women’s health at NorthShore University HealthSystem Holding a newborn for the first time simultaneously conveys the fragility of life and the enormous responsibility of e (More)
Griselda Vega Samuel: Panelist, Women in Underrepresented Fields
Griselda Vega Samuel will be a Panelist on Women in Underrepresented Fields. Griselda is the Regional Counsel, Midwest for the Chicago office of Mexican American Legal & Educational Fund (MALDEF). As Regional Counsel she is responsible for t (More)
Noemi Garcia: Taking the Fear Out of Networking
Noemi Garcia will lead the breakout forTaking the Fear Out of Networking. Noemi is a passionate communications strategist who thrives at the intersection of culture, consumers, and creativity. Noemi is obsessed with understanding what drives hum (More)
Laura Washington: Panelist, Women in Underrepresented Fields
Laura Washington will be a panelist on Why so Few? Women in Underrepresented Fields Washington brings more than two award-winning decades of experience as a non-profit professional and multi-media journalist. She specializes in African-American af (More)
Alyssa Raine: From Instagram to Resumes - Build Your Brand
Alyssa Raine will be hosting From Instagram to Resumes - Build Your Brand, a breakout session focused on Personal Branding. Alyssa Raine currently leads brand marketing at Walgreens. She h (More)
Lisa Madigan: Keynote Speaker
We are thrilled to announce our Keynote Speaker: More)
Rebecca Willett: Panelist, Women in Underrepresented Fields
Rebecca Willett will be a Panelist on Why so Few? Women in Underrepresented Fields. Rebecca Willett is a Professor of Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Her research is focused on machine learning, signal processing, and (More)
Ancient microbes: The missing link in sustainable energy?
by Elise Wachspress Image courtesy of Regio Energie Solothurn WellNews usually reports on groundbreaking research on the immune system, genetics, and the microbiome that promotes wellness—at the level of the individual. Now for something total (More)
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