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Rickert House Week 2!!!!
- Welcome back everyone! winter can be annoying but you gotta stay strong ay. - KUVIA is this week! everyone gets together in the early morning in Crown as part of a UChicago tradition, sun salutations and morning exercises. Dun Boyir shows up somet (More)
January Bdays + Firecakes + Board Games
Come grab a donut January babes. Gabe is hosting board game night in the lounge! (More)
Kuvia 4 Life
Amazing job to all our early birds. Rep Rickert!! And great job Gabe for leading. (More)
Movie Night Kickoff
The Room (More)
Succulent Workshop!
Signup here: https://goo.gl/forms/Feza1RerhuJVHseH2 Rickert and Wallace are hosting a succulent workshop! Learn about the different types of succulents and how to care for them. Leave with your own potted baby succulent and have the chance to p (More)
Welcome back oatmeal at our place!
Welcome back welcome back welcome back (More)
Max P Skate Night
Dress your 80s best (More)
Rickert Garden + Build Coffee
Garden is officially winterized. Spinach planted, garlic will be planted soon. Check back in the spring!! 😀 Thank you Hannah, for h (More)