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Toast and tea
9pm tonight, study break! This rainy weather calls for some good British fare...we'll have tea, toast, and clotted cream (and fruit). But not just any toast. This is some of Chicago's best sourdough bread. It's not easy to find, but you can get Publi (More)
Rickert House Week 2!!!!
- Welcome back everyone! winter can be annoying but you gotta stay strong ay. - KUVIA is this week! everyone gets together in the early morning in Crown as part of a UChicago tradition, sun salutations and morning exercises. Dun Boyir shows up somet (More)
January Bdays + Firecakes + Board Games
Come grab a donut January babes. Gabe is hosting board game night in the lounge! (More)
Kuvia 4 Life
Amazing job to all our early birds. Rep Rickert!! And great job Gabe for leading. (More)
Movie Night Kickoff
The Room (More)
Succulent Workshop!
Signup here: https://goo.gl/forms/Feza1RerhuJVHseH2 Rickert and Wallace are hosting a succulent workshop! Learn about the different types of succulents and how to care for them. Leave with your own potted baby succulent and have the chance to p (More)
Welcome back oatmeal at our place!
Welcome back welcome back welcome back (More)
Max P Skate Night
Dress your 80s best (More)
Rickert Garden + Build Coffee
Garden is officially winterized. Spinach planted, garlic will be planted soon. Check back in the spring!! 😀 Thank you Hannah, for h (More)