TAPS Workshop Presents: (02/14) “Writing for the Artful: On Contemporary Arts Writing (Part II)”


Co-coordinators: Jamie Lee & Jennifer Williams 

Faculty Advisors: Professors Jessica Baker & Julia Rhoads

“Writing for the Artful: On Contemporary Arts Writing (Part II)”
Jamie Lee and Jennifer Williams, PhD Students, UChicago
Date: Thursday, February 15th, 2024, 5-6:30 pm
Location: Logan Center (915 E 60th St), TBD
Workshop Description:
This workshop will function as a space to take up the tools of contemporary art writing and apply them to our scholarly pursuits. It will give us a chance to try out new critical and performative writing styles that can be taken up when writing or thinking with/besides artistic works across mediums. As well as build out a more playful and collective workshop space to reconceptualize the essay form, which might gesture towards new pathways to enter the theoretically dense knowledge that surrounds our work as academic professionals. Part two of this workshop will focus on diaristic and epistolary modes of artistic writing. We will explore themes of childhood, memory, mythology, and affect across 21st-century Black and Queer artistic works.

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