23 May–David Newheiser

On Monday April 23, at noon in S201, the Theology Workshop will gather to discuss a paper by David Newheiser entitled:

“Eckhart and Derrida on the Gift of Love”

The paper should be read before coming to workshop.

Aaron Hollander will respond.

Lunch will be provided.

16 May–Romain Dufetre

The Theology Workshop is pleased to announce that Romain Dufetre will be giving a short lecture and leading a discussion on the historical criticisms and current prospects of Anselm’s ontological argument on Monday, 5/16 at noon. Place TBA.

A light lunch will be served.

All are welcome.

“Love and Justice in the Christian Tradition”, Audio!

At long last, the audio recording of the conference “Love and Justice in the Christian Tradition” (featuring Professor Nicholas Wolterstorff and Professor Oliver O’Donovan and co-sponsored by the Theology Workshop and the Ethics Club) is available. We apologize to those of you who have been waiting some time for this, but technical difficulties thwarted the immediate posting of this recording. Having said that, the Theology Workshop would like to thank Bryce Rich, without whose help and generous offer to host the recording on his own website we would still be unable to digitally bring this stimulating encounter between two important scholars to you.