28 January–Lauren Osborne

Join the Theology Workshop for the second session of our “Embodiment, Sexuality, and Religion” theme, as Lauren Osborne, PhD candidate in Islamic Studies, presents the syllabus for a course she is designing on “Religion and the Senses.” This is a unique opportunity to workshop a syllabus, helping our colleague think through course objectives, readings, and assignments related to this fascinating and wide-ranging material — and along the way, considering together the role of sensuality in the analysis and teaching of religion. Lauren describes her vision for this mid-level undergraduate course: “Taking a broad perspective across a range of religious traditions, this course examines the various modes of the human senses and sensory information in relation to religious experience. It is divided into six units: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and an additional unit on questions of disability and difference.”

A copy of the syllabus, which participants would be recommended (but not required) to review in advance, will be sent out through the Theology Workshop listserv. Larisa Reznik, PhD candidate in Theology, will respond. A toothsome and aromatic lunch (pizza) will be served.

Monday, January 28
12:00 –  1:30 pm
Swift 201
Persons with a disability who believe they may need assistance, please contact Mary Emily in advance at maryemilyduba@uchicago.edu.