Feb 28 – Panel: Helping Students Cope with Pluralism and Criticism in the Classroom

Friday, February 28th, 4:30-6pm in Swift Hall Room 201

Join the Theology Workshop for a special pedagogy panel and discussion this Friday:

“Helping Students Cope with Pluralism and Criticism in the Classroom”

with Allison Gray, Adam Kotsko, Tim Hiller, and Charles Huff

For many students, college is the first time that they are exposed to critical reflection upon deep-seated beliefs and practices that have been sacred and deeply formative, and thus exempt from criticism. On the other hand, beliefs and interpretations that might have always been seen as dangerous or blasphemous are considered with seriousness and an open mindset, though students may be preconditioned to avoid any interaction with them. The initial experience of a pluralist community in college – one that in particular is devoted to critical engagement across boundaries of tradition and belief – can thus become a daunting prospect. In this special pedagogy event sponsored by the Theology Workshop, we will host a panel of graduate student teachers and faculty to discuss how teachers can facilitate the process of acclimating students to situations of pluralism and criticism in the classroom. Anecdotes of pitfalls and “hot moments” will set the tone for audience interaction as the group works out how best to respond to difficult situations of students coping with religious, political, and other differences for the first time.

Refreshments will be served.