May 5-Richard Zaleski: Daniel the Stylite: Icon of Christ for Constantinople

Richard ZaleskiMonday, May 5, 2014 12:00 noon-1:25 pm Swift Hall, Room 400

Join us for a presentation by Richard Zaleski entitled, “Daniel the Stylite: Icon of Christ for Constantinople.”

The Life of Daniel depicts the life of the 5th century stylite who lived in Constantinople.  Although most commentators attempt to determine the historicity of events, the text can tell us much more on a literary basis.

By focusing on Daniel as a second prophet Daniel, we note the strong symbolic connection between Daniel and his namesake.  This becomes an exegetical clue for the whole of the Life.  By recognizing his symbolic function as a second prophet Daniel, the visions Daniel receives in the text reveal themselves as programmatic for the Life.

Through analysis of the visions we discern clearly the hagiographer’s desire to depict Daniel as the living icon of Christ who represents Christ and makes his present felt on earth.  Because Daniel makes Christ present on earth, Constantinople becomes an icon of Jerusalem itself.  The Life of Daniel gives us an example of how the sanctity of Constantinople was construed in 6th century narrative.

A light lunch will be served.

We recommend that participants read the paper in advance.  It can be accessed using your CNetID credentials here: