About The Workshop

The Theology Workshop is a forum for discussion of new work in theology, understood as critical reflection on doctrines, texts, practices, and material cultures of religions.

Students, faculty, and visiting scholars present across the full range of Christian theological subdisciplines (systematic/constructive, historical, moral, practical, and biblical), as well as the theologies and philosophies of other religious traditions. All methodological approaches, historical periods, and geographical contexts are welcome for discussion. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.

The Workshop meets in Swift Hall every other week during the academic quarter.  Detailed topics, times, and room locations are available by clicking on the calendar of events in the right-hand column.

Papers are circulated before the meeting.  Following a brief presentation by the author and a response from a colleague, the remaining time is devoted to discussion.  Our primary presenters are graduate students from across the University, though we sometimes here from faculty and outside speakers as well.

We also occasionally sponsor panel discussions and visits from visitors outside of the academy.

If you’d like to make a submission to the Theology Workshop, please contact us.