The Thornton Lab seeks an experienced biochemist and molecular biologist with interest in evolution, great people skills, and strong organizational ability.  As a senior scientist in the lab, you will conduct independent research, help to coordinate the lab’s operations, and work closely with students and postdocs to develop, optimize, perform, and interpret experiments and analyses.

The Thornton lab works at the interface of evolution, experimental protein biochemistry, and molecular biology.  We are a medium-sized group of very collegial postdocs and students from a range of scientific disciplines, working together to answer central questions about the evolution of biological molecules.

Facility with protein expression/purification, fundamental techniques in molecular biology, and engineering of DNA constructs is essential. Experience with some combination of protein biochemistry, structural biology, cell culture assays, yeast genetics, and/or deep sequencing is expected. Experience in evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, and/or computational biology is welcome but not necessary, although true interest in evolution is required.  Organizational skills and the ability to work constructively as part of a collegial scientific group are essential.  Good writing skills are highly valued.

The two scientists who have previously held this position in our lab had advanced degrees and prior experience as a lab manager or postdoc.  It’s a great stable position that allows you to do exciting science and play a key role as a senior scientist in the lab’s culture.

The job announcement and instructions for applying can be found here.  Please do not be put off by the official title (Laboratory Manager – Research Technician), which the University assigns to positions like this.  The job requires experience, independence, and leadership; the person who holds it is treated accordingly.

The University of Chicago is a fantastic place to do science, especially at the interface of evolution and other disciplines.  Chicago is a great city rich in high and low culture; it is also a hipster heaven and, in the summer, a fun beach town.  People in the lab are fun, funny, interesting, and humane.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Joe Thornton

Thornton Lab at SMBE 2013