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Nature paper on Evolutionary Contingency

Nature published “Evolutionary Contingency and its Biophysical Basis in Glucocorticoid Receptor Evolution,” by Mike Harms and Joe. The paper is the culmination of a huge amount of work by Mike at the bench and at the computer. It directly addresses… Continue Reading →

Two articles in Scientific American

Scientific American ran two great articles recently that discuss our work. The first, “The Surprising Origins of Evolutionary Complexity, by Carl Zimmer, focuses on the evolution of complexity by neutral processes. The second, “Evolution is an Opportunist” by Wynne Parry,… Continue Reading →

New paper in PNAS

Our paper, “Biophysics of large-effect mutations in steroid hormone receptor evolution,” with UO lab members Mike Harms and Geeta Eick as lead authors, was published in PNAS. The paper is here , and the UO press release is here.

Symposium on the Functional Synthesis at SMBE

The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution sponsored a full-day symposium, “Molecular Mechanisms of Functional Evolution” on July 10 at its annual meeting in Chicago.   Organized by Joe Thornton and Vinny Lynch, the symposium featured great talks from 14… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Mike Harms, new Assistant Professor, University of Oregon!

Postdoc Mike Harms has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Molecular Biology and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oregon. Mike’s website is here.

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