Innovation Growing Pains

If the University does not grow it’s IT talent pool, these efforts will face the same extra step current entrepreneurs face; sourcing IT from elsewhere.

Senescence on the internet

Time marched on. Bits and pieces, then whole chunks were replaced. Soon this omnibus web application had very few functions left. And then none. Yet it lingered on the internet like an old vine.

Chicago and the University Collaborate in a New Way

Let’s zoom out and see the big picture. A non-university affiliated person meets with a university staff member to improve his business. I invite you to ponder that for a minute. This is not a person who was accepted into the University of Chicago and paid tuition to learn more about technology. This is not a staff member meeting with a university colleague to refine some infernal internal administrivial process.

The Times They Are a-Changin’

I’ve built a lot of Lexus’ for various entities that are probably not essential to the University’s core mission. I don’t see myself building many more, if any, of these non-core custom applications. The money is just not there. Have I just foretold my own lay-off? Maybe not. I hope not. And that decision is ultimately out of my hands.

University Staff As Experts

We are all very good at what we do. We have years of experience, experimentation, and many, many successes attached to our names. We are experts in our fields. This is the story I want to tell. This is a contribution I know we can make. We need to tell our stories and be available to contribute in ways not yet realized…