Migrate from an Archive

Review Pages from Archive


  1. If you have not already, contact webwork@uchicago.edu to request an archive of your UC Sites website archive.
  2. Download the archive and open the zipped folder to access all files.
  3. Your site archive will be split in HTML, files, and other elements depending on the original features.
  4. To view pages, navigate to the HTML folder and Page subfolder, then open the desired web page in a browser.

Add Images from Archive


  1. From the downloaded archive, navigate to the Files folder and Image subfolder. (This may be stored under other subfolders depending on the structure of your original site.)
  2. Alternately, you can right-click on an image from within the web page and select View Image Info to find its location in your files.
  3. In Voices, navigate to Media in the sidebar and select Library. Select the Add New button. Then drag the desired image into the upload box to add it to the library.
  4. You can now add this image to any pages in your website.

Copy Content


  1. Your Voices site comes with example pages. Copy the example page you would like to create by using the Clone link underneath the page title.
  2. When pasting text from an HTML file to Voices, all external links and general formatting (bold, italic) will copy over from the original text. If your text includes headers, Voices will also keep this formatting.
  3. If you need to change any of the text formatting, use the text format dropdown to select Paragraph, Heading 1, etc. to ensure consistency across your site.
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