There are several steps you can take to ensure that your site content is ready to be moved to a new website template. Similar to moving belongings from a physical location, moving your website content provides a great opportunity to “clean house” and get rid of content that is out of date or no longer useful.

Review Your Content

In order to know which content you would like to keep, delete, or revise, you need to do something called a content inventory. To create a content inventory, you will need to document every page in your site and decide what you would like to do with that page. This will help you understand how many pages you actually need to migrate and will give you a better idea how to reorganize your content on your new site.

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Automated Page Counters

The XML-Sitemap Generator automatically counts the number of pages and files in your site. This free counter will crawl up to 500 pages.

If you need a more fully featured automated cataloging of your content, including checking for broken links, there are other options: