30 September, Eric Phillips, “Economy, Nation, and State in the Habsburg Monarchy and Its Successor States, 1900-1938”

14 October, Faith Hillis, “Europe’s Russian Colonies and the Dream of Freedom”

28 October, Roundtable on the European Refugee Crisis

11 November, Sheila Fitzpatrick,”Repatriation: Soviet Efforts to Recover Former Citizens after the Second World War”

9 DecemberEmily Marker, “France Between Europe and Africa: Youth, Education and Envisioning the Postwar World, 1940-1960” (Introduction) 

January 6, Phillip Henry, “Fashioning a New Psychoanalysis: Erziehung, Authority, and the Psycho-Politics of Reconstruction.”

February 3 Míša Appeltová, “Obesity and Gendered Embodiment in State Socialist Czechoslovakia.” 

February 17 Emily Lord Fransee, “’Known and Unknown’: Science Fiction and French Imperialism from the 17th to the 20th Century.”

30 March, Kateřina Čapková, Institute for Contemporary History, Prague, “Kehile or Club? Being Jewish in Communist Poland and Czechoslovakia”

13 April, Jake Smith, “The GDR as Abenteuerspielplatz: Adventurous Traveling in the Ruins of Communism”

27 April, Claire Roosien, “Cotton, Cultural Mass Media, and State-Led Modernization in Soviet Uzbekistan, 1917-1941”

11 May, Leora Auslander, “Jews at Home in Paris and Berlin, 1918-1933/40”

25 May, Roy Kimmey / Charles Fawell “In-Between Empires: Travel and Intelligence in the French Colonies, c. 1870-1914”