Week 1: September 29th

Kenneth B. Moss, Harriet and Ulrich E. Meyer Professor of Jewish History and the College

Title: “National Renaissance and International Horizons: Editors’ Introduction to the Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, v. 7 (co-authored with Israel Bartal)

Week 3: October 13th

Greg Valdespino, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “At Home in Empire: Dwelling, Domesticity, and Welfare in France and Senegal, 1914-1974”

*Week 4*: October 20th (Co-hosted with CEERES)

This meeting is open to participants by RSVP only.

Kate Brown, Thomas M. Siebel Distinguished Professor in History of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title: “Soviet Green is the Soviet Everyday: How the World’s Largest Ecological Movement was Mistaken as Failure”

 Week 7: November 10th

Fabian Baumann, Postdoctoral Fellow, History

Title: “Diverging Paths: An Intimate History of Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism in Late Imperial Kiev”

Week 8: November 17th

Roy Kimmey, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “Life beyond Labor: The ‘New (Romani) Socialist Man’”

Week 9: November 24th


Week 11: December 8th

Abigail Holekamp, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Title: “Commemorating the Commune from Paris to Petersburg” 

Week 1, January 12th – Co-hosted with US History & Culture Workshop

Esther Isaac, PhD Student, History

Title: “‘Nothing but Complete Revolution Can Free Her’: Anarchist Women and Feminist Prefigurative Politics in Chicago and Paris, 1871-1914”

Week 2, January 19th 

Filip Herza, Visiting Fulbright Scholar from the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Title: “Colonial Czechoslovakia? Overseas and Internal Colonisation in the Interwar Czechoslovak Republic”

Week 4, February 2nd (in-person)

Dimitri Diagne, PhD Student in History, UC Berkeley

Title: “’Among the French People’: The Departmentalization of Mayotte and the Colonial Politics of Inclusion”

This workshop is currently scheduled to take place on the University of Chicago campus in line with the university’s COVID-19 protocols. Information will be circulated for how to register to attend. Any changes to plans for this workshop will be communicated in advance.

Week 8, February 23rd

Ben Van Zee, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “The Imperial Welfare State: The Making of German and Polish Welfare States At Home and Abroad in the Age of Mass Migration”

Week 9, March 2nd

Conversation: Historical Perspectives on Ukraine Today

Week 1, Thursday, March 31st

Natalie Smith, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “Producing Cleanliness: Labor in the Soap Factories of Marseille”

Week 3: April 13th

Michael Williams, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “The Federal Republic’s Search for Philosophical Foundations and the Challenge of Deconstruction, 1945-1984​”

Week 4: April 20th​

Dora Vargha, Professor of History and Medical Humanities, University of Exeter

Title: Social and socialist: ideas of health, medicine and society across the Iron Curtain

Week 5: April 27th

Madeline Adams, PhD Student, History

Title: Materiality, Mapping, and Memory of LGBT Communities in the German Democratic Republic, 1973 to the Present

Week 7: May 11th (VIRTUAL) – 3:30-5:00 pm Central

Nicoletta Rousseva, PhD Candidate, Art History, University of Illinois Chicago

Title: A Future State: IRWIN’s Moscow Embassy and the Afterlife of Socialism

Week 8: May 18th

Samuel Huneke, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Art History, George Mason University

Book Talk for States of Liberation: Gay Men between Dictatorship and Democracy in Cold War Germany (2022)