Fall 2014

1 October – Flora Roberts, “City on Paper: Writing Tajik in Stalinabad (1930-38),” (commentary by Eleonor Gilburd).

15 October – Jochen Hellbeck, “Battles for Morale: An Entangled History of Total War in Europe, 1939-1945,” (commentary by Flora Roberts).

29 October – Sarah Panzer, “Zen and the Swastika: German Perspectives on Japanese Religion and the Problem of Ideology in Transcultural Engagement,” (commentary by Lauren Stokes).

12 November – Edith Sheffer, “Fascist Psychiatry: Social Spirit and the Idea of Autism,” (commentary by Susie Hufstader).

19 November – Eleanor Rivera, mock job talk.

Winter 2015

7 January – Jake Smith, “’Strangers in a Dead Land’: Intimacy, Ritual, and Translocal Aesthetics in the European Youth Revolts of 1980-81,” (commentary by Michael Williams).

21 January – Phillip Henry, “World War One and the Grenzen of Freudian Thought,” (commentary by Zachary Barr).

4 February – Leah Goldman, “An Incomplete Aesthetic: Applying Socialist Realism to Music”, (commentary by Ilana Miller).

18 February – Matan Boord, “Fathers Writing to Sons: Labor Zionist Urban Men and the “New Jew” in Mandatory Palestine,” (commentary Aidan Beatty).

4 March – Emily Marker, “Race and Civilization in Franco-African and Europeanist Youth and Education Policy in Postwar France, 1944-1950,” (commentary Emily Lord Fransee).

Spring 2015

8 April – Ilana Miller, “The Emancipated Spectator and the Captive Jew: The Thaw and the Cinematic Language of Polish-Jewish Relations before 1968,” (commentary Roy Kimmey). SPECIAL LOCATION: Social Science Tea Room (#201)

15 April – Lauren Stokes, “‘Illiterate in Two Languages’: Child Welfare and Child Migration in the 1980s,” (commentary by Eleanor Rivera).

6 May – Hamza Yilmaz, “On the Brink: The German Automobile Industry and the End of the Postwar Miracle,” (commentary by Sarah Panzer). SPECIAL LOCATION: Social Science Tea Room (#201)

13 May – Judith Surkis (Associate Professor, Rutgers University), TBA (commentary Emily Marker).

27 May – Caroline Sequin, “Forbidden Love? Race, Citizenship, and Sexual Politics in the French Atlantic World, 1848-1960,” and Michael Williams, “The German Receptions of Derrida, 1967 to the Present.”