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The lab is back together!

We had our first in person meeting of the autumn quarter! Everyone is back on campus after a variety of summer holiday breaks, with activities including chasing horses in North Dakota, interning at 3T Biosciences in San Francisco, taking naps with a German Shepherd...

Welcome to the warbler lab

Welcome! In our lab we study speciation and visual communication in birds, primarily in the Himalaya. 

Principal Investigator

The current focus of my research is on (1) climate change effects on birds in the western Himalaya, (2) drivers of species diversity across the Himalaya, (3) evolution of colors and color vision in birds.

I am broadly interested in processes involved in the origin and maintenance of biodiversity, such as speciation and hybridization. I am also keen on understanding how communication signals (e.g., plumage patches and songs) evolve and what is their role in the speciation process. In the coming years, I will focus on studying the origin of isolating mechanisms during speciation, using genomic and behavioral approaches.    

My research focuses on how animals use a combination of static color signals and dynamic display behaviors in visual communication. I use high speed video to study the territorial displays of Old World warblers in the Western Himalaya. Using a field-based, comparative approach, I am interested in understanding how variation in a species’ signaling environment affects the perception and evolution of visual displays.

Angela Marroquin

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Molecular Engineering.

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